Reach New Heights with
New Therapy Techniques

The Therapy Place is a place designed with care to care. For us, each individual is unique, which is why our therapists practice effective therapies, research-based methods to help overcome all your difficulties with utmost care.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT), also known as physiotherapy, aims to ease your muscle tension and help you function and move properly.

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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is a specialized treatment for children or adults to cater to their communication disorders and speech problems.

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Behavior Therapy

At The Therapy Place, we provide behavior therapy virtually to individuals who need behavior treatment.

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Family Marriage Therapy

At The Therapy Place, we provide family and marriage therapy sessions to couples, parents, and families via online platforms.

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Get Medical Nutrition Therapy by a qualified dietitian

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy is an effective solution for anyone who is going through the struggles of addiction to drugs or alcohol.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy or OT is a therapy that aids in providing the needed assistance of all ages with sensory, cognitive, or physical concerns.

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Our therapy business model:

The five following steps explain our therapy business model and the steps we offer for an entire therapy session for ALL THERAPIES: (our therapy business model).
While we are implementing the client’s treatment, we have in place platforms to discover the client’s talent and ability on what they are good at. Then, we will use this talent to integrate the client into employment and finding their matched jobs that fit with their vocational aptitude. This therapy business model is mentioned in the following 5 steps:

Discover the client’s talent: this should be linked to the Vocational assessment Word document I included in my email!
Add-on option financial therapy: this should be linked to the PNC bank offer brochure ‘’ I will send you this brochure very soon ‘’
Employment: Partnership with recruiting companies for people in need.