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  • 24 Dec, 2021

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Speech Therapy Techniques and Activities

The amazing wonders that therapy offers and the long-lasting outcomes have made it quite popular with time. It is impressive to see people realize its countless benefits and accept it as a beneficial solution for their health.

When it comes to Speech And Language Therapy, it provides substantial results for people suffering from speech disorders. The speech therapists or speech-language pathologists (SLPs) use different techniques or activities to improve communication. They can be effective for children with speech disorders since childhood or adults suffering from speech impairments due to any brain injury or illness.

Applications Of Speech Therapy

Speech therapy techniques can bring positive outcomes for several speech ailments. Some of them are as follows:

Articulation Disorders: It is when a person cannot produce sounds of certain words. Anyone going through it may say few words by distorting it. For example, they would pronounce ‘this’ as ‘thith”.

Resonance Disorders: It is when an obstruction is present in the airflow of the oral or nasal cavities. It, therefore, affects the vibrations that create voice quality. Another issue can be with the improper closing of the velopharyngeal valve. Some other reasons involve neurological disorders, swollen tonsils, or cleft palate.

Fluency Disorders: A person struggles with following the correct rhythm and speed of speech that results in cluttering or stuttering during speaking. They have problems making certain sounds, interruptions during talking, or repeating parts of words. They also tend to merge words or speak swiftly.

Expressive Disorders: When an individual finds it challenging to convey their message. Such individuals also face difficulty making sentences and using the correct verb tense. It may arise due to a medical condition, Down syndrome, or some head trauma.

Receptive Disorders: A person finds it difficult to understand and process what the other person is saying. The person suffering may seem disinterested or cannot completely understand someone else’s directions. Few disorders such as head injury or autism can cause a receptive language disorder.

Cognitive-communication Disorders: It is when there is some injury to the part of the brain that is responsible for the thinking process. Other issues involve problem-solving, listening, speaking, and even memory decline. Its cause can be at times, be a neurological condition, a stroke, brain injury, or some abnormality in brain development.

Speech Therapy – Techniques & Activities

Language Intervention Therapy: This technique assists patients in developing and improving their speech abilities considerably. The therapy is quite familiar with treating children who face speech delays. It helps adults who require improvement in terms of language abilities. The core focus of the treatment is to help the patient improve their pronunciation of words.

Articulation Therapy: The therapy helps the patients improve their ability to make certain sounds that they find hard to make. The treatment resolves several issues that occur due to any illnesses or injuries.

Oral Motor Therapy: The therapy resolves any ailment or physical injury that may have resulted in speaking difficulty. It consists of several routine exercises that help strengthen the muscles around the mouth. It significantly aids in improving the manner of speech.

I Spy: The activity involves a player selecting any item present in the room that every player can see. The player gives clues to let others think of the object. The player who guesses it correctly has to use the word in a sentence. It helps in improving speaking power and sentence fluency.

Bury Objects: The players find the objects hidden and, upon seeing them, have to pronounce that object’s name. You can even use cards instead of items. It helps in improving pronunciation.


Speech therapy exercises and activities are efficient and show significant results. With The Therapy Place, you can look forward to positive outcomes as we have some of the best therapists looking out for every patient. Speech Therapy has immense benefits apart from improving speech abilities. It can resolve problems linked to facial expression, swallowing, and even articulation concerns.

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