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  • 14 Oct, 2021

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Things You Need To Know About The Therapy Place

We all go through some tough situations in our life. And deciding to take help from a therapist is not an easy decision for the majority, but sometimes it is the only best solution. As much as it is vital to diminish the misapprehension that therapy is not result-oriented. It is also significantly important to choose the right therapy institute for noteworthy outcomes.

We believe that people who want true positivity in life and genuinely care about themselves do not fear therapy. The Therapy Place is a place that you can trust without any doubts. It is an ally that helps you walk on the path to betterment; A route that brings improvement not only to the individual suffering but happiness to their dear ones too.

How It All Started?

The interesting tale of The Therapy Place started with Dr. Kalid Rashdan. He has almost over ten years of experience working with children with autism. And a master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and PhD in Language and Behavior Acquisition. 

Why Choose The Therapy Place?

The institute’s objective is to provide therapies in one place.

We implement research-based therapy approaches and practices that are reliable and outcome-orientedWe don’t want our patients to feel the need to go elsewhere, and therefore we provide a variety of therapies under one roof. Moreover, we offer discounts to ease the entire process for anyone who wants to avail of our services. You matter to us, and it keeps us motivated to bring about new solutions that are affordable and implementable.

We strictly follow all the CDC recommendations, hygiene guidelines, and Covid SOPSs because every life matters, and it is not worth the risk.

A Team Of Heroes

At The Therapy Place, we have a qualified team of therapists, so you can easily share your therapeutic concerns without the fear of being judged or left behind. With the dedication to help people in need, our extensive treatments utilize recent technologies. Every case is different. Therefore, we pay extra attention and listen closely prior to suggesting the type of therapy you need.

Hope keeps us moving, but it is the light that never fades. There is hope for all. And with the belief we with our every case, we tend to go the extra mile to restore their mental and physical capabilities.

Therapies At The Therapy Place

Following a multidisciplinary approach, you can find a variety of therapies here, such as:
Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Family And Marriage Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Nutrition Therapy.

We offer in-person and online therapy services to anyone who needs quality healthcare. We immensely focus on creating a relationship that reinforces the bond between the therapist and their patients. It plays a primary role in strengthening the mental and physical capacity of the individual.

Our Care Speaks Our Mission

We have the finest therapeutic experts in the town, focusing on providing only but trustable therapy services. Our support is always active, so you don’t have to wait on your life.


Our therapists are ever ready and continuously working dedicatedly to help you learn to deal with the curveballs. If you have been going through the eternal cycle of conflict and resentment, we can help you get out.

At The Therapy Place, you will look forward to starting a new life, a fresh start!

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